Buy IGF-1 – It Is Not a Bath Salt

Miami, May 26, 2012.  A man named Rudy Eugene chewed on the face of a homeless man named Ronald Poppo in an apparent “zombie-like” attack. After a warning from authorities, he continued chewing on Poppo’s face, forcing the authorities to open fire at him. Eugene died on the spot, while Poppo survived and returned to normal after a year-long hospitalization. Investigators thought a new type of designer drugs called “bath salts” caused the zombie-like attack, but toxicology reports found out otherwise. There is something to be feared in bath salts – as recent strings of crimes are tied to the perpetrators’ used of the drug.

Is IGF-1 a Bath Salt?

Now we turn our attention to another substance called IGF-1. IGF-1 stands for insulin-like growth factor 1, a hormone that facilitates bone and muscle growth, turning children into adults. IGF-1 is commonly given to patients experiencing conditions related to growth hormone deficiency such as dwarfism, but it can also be used as a non-steroidal muscle grower in the form of deer antler spray.

Bath salts, meanwhile, are processed from methylenedioxypyrovalerone, methylone or mephedrone. These substances are normally legal and cannot be detected by dogs and drug screenings, thus satisfying the desires of some people who want a “legal high” similar to amphetamines. Bath salts earn their name from their packaging that states “not for human consumption” in order to skirt around anti-drug regulations. We can therefore conclude that IGF-1 is not a bath salt due to the two substances’ widely different natures.

Know the Implications

If you want to buy IGF-1 , know first the implications of using one. Major sports leagues like the NCAA ban the substance at the behest of the World Anti-Doping Authority. However, deer antler spray actually contains small amounts of IGF-1, and is therefore not prohibited by WADA. So if you are just an ordinary individual looking for a way to build muscles, you may opt for deer antler spray. But if you are a professional athlete, do not take chances despite WADA’s relaxed stance on the spray.